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 About High Tech Aid

High Tech Aid is a consulting company specializing in AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Collection). Our goal is to provide you with the web site and the service that have the answers on education, training, and standards. If you are interested in RFID, bar code, magnetic stripe, smart card, biometrics, or other AIDC technology.

The company was started in 2002 when Steve Halliday (resume) decided that there was a lack of knowledge about the AIDC industry and that companies needed help. High Tech Aid is based in Stephenson, VA USA (East Coast Time Zone)  and offers services on a global basis, with clients the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Steve Halliday, president, has been involved in AIDC since 1980 when he was involved in a magnetic stripe quality project. Since then he has worked with many AIDC technologies and has been actively involved in the standards world since 1984.

If you need help understanding how AIDC can effect your business, then High Tech Aid can help you. From standards help, to technology related business decisions, to merger and acquisition evaluations, High Tech Aid can help.

High Tech Aid publishes a free monthly newsletter that summarizes the news for the month in AIDC (enter your email in the box to the left). We also have several other web sites to help educate people including Understand RFID Standards.com

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