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 Resume - Steve Halliday

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More than thirty years of practical electronic engineering experience with increasing levels of management responsibilities requiring expertise in areas of:




  • Standardization

  • Product marketing

  • Customer relations

  • International operations

  • Project management

  • Budget management

  • Electronic engineering

  • Technical staff management 


  • DEVELOPED, JUSTIFIED, and IMPLEMENTED a plan to create an International standards arena for Automatic Identification and Data Capture technologies, leading to the first ISO sanctioned meeting in June 1996. Appointed by ANSI as the official U.S. T.A.G. Administrator for the committee.

  • PREPARED and IMPLEMENTED a plan to attain recognition as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards developer. Accreditation awarded May 1996.

  • REPRESENTED the company at National and International standards meetings and REPRESENTED the United States at International standards meetings. Fulfilled positions of secretary, vice chair and chair at National and International standards meetings.

  • MANAGED and COORDINATED all technical activity globally for the association with particular emphasis in Europe and Japan.

  • MANAGED an engineering department for the support of magnetic tape production and DEVELOPED production instrumentation effecting an improvement in efficiency of 7% with higher quality standards.

  • PROPOSED, JUSTIFIED, SPECIFIED, and MANAGED the set-up of a new company business to print, encode, and provide quality control of magnetic stripe tickets.

  • PREPARED and PRESENTED technical seminars to companies in Asia, Europe, and the United States, resulting in additional sales and increased awareness.

  • DESIGNED two analog semi-custom integrated circuits that resulted in space savings of 50% and 60%, and manufacturing cost reductions of 85% and 45%, respectively.

  • DEVELOPED an instrument for quality control of credit card magnetic stripes which reduced product cost by 57% increasing profit margin substantially.

  • CREATED the association's first web site and assisted to DEVELOP it into a global educational resource with over 140,000 page impressions a month and 40% of visitors from outside of the USA.

  • MANAGED the budget for the association technology department, consistently achieving below budget spending while maintaining quality services to members.

  • HIRED and MANAGED technology department for trade association bringing technical experts on to the association staff for the first time, raising the level of customer support and satisfaction.


  • High Tech Aid Consulting company in the AIDC arena

    • President

  • AIM, Inc. Trade Association for Automatic Pittsburgh, PA Identification and Data Capture

    • Vice President, Technology

  • GFI GENFARE Manufacturer of fare collection equipment for the transit industry.

    • Director, Product Development

    • Manager, Product Development

  • THORN EMI MALCO, INC. Manufacturer of magnetic tape, credit cards, and card readers.

    • Product Manager

    • Manager - Engineering Support Group

    • Development Manager

    • Project Engineer

    • Senior Electronics Engineer

    • WOLFSON INDUSTRIAL UNIT University-based industrial consulting unit. University of Southampton, U.K.


    • Sponsored Student


UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER, Manchester, U.K. 1978, B.Sc., Electronic & Electrical Engineering (Honours)


  • Winner of the 2010 Richard R. Dilling award for outstanding contributions to the AIDC industry

  • Chair of ISO work group for (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31/WG 4/SG 3) RFID Air Interface

  • Co-chair of the GS1/EPCglobal™ Hardware Action Group

  • Member of AIDC 100 

  • 2010 winner of Richard R. Dilling award

  • Chair of AIMADC1, U.S. T.A.G. to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC31 standards committee on Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC)

  • Vice-Chair of AIMADC1, U.S. T.A.G. to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC31 standards committee on Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC)

  • Vice Chair of ANSI X3B10 Identification Cards standards committee

  • Secretary of ANSI X3B10.6 Magnetic Stripe and Test Methods standards committee

  • Member of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17/WG 1 standards committee on Magnetic Stripe technology

  • Secretary of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31/WG 7 standards committee on RFID Security

  • Secretary of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31/WG 1 standards committee on Data Carriers in AIDC

  • Chair of Magnetic Stripe Technical Committee, AIM USA.

  • Member of Board of Directors for Pittsburgh Society for Association Executives, 1998/9


  • Numerous articles on card based technologies, radio frequency identification technologies, and technology standardization in industry trade magazines including Automatic ID News, ADC News, Scan Data Capture, and AIM Connections.

  • Publisher/editor/writer of monthly email newsletter on RFID

  • Regular speaker and/or moderator at industry conferences and tradeshows around the world

  • "An Active Noise Reduction System for Aircrew Helmets," NATO, Holland"

  • Noise Reduction -- Flight Trials in Strike Aircraft," Institute of Acoustics, London