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  High Tech Aid Background & Accomplishments

High Tech Aid is a Consulting organization providing education and training, standards, market evaluation, and related work in the Automatic Identification and Data Capture industry.

Staff members of High Tech Aid have been involved in the AIDC and standards process for a long time and are uniquely qualified to undertake these tasks. These qualifications include:

  • Recipent of the 2010 Richard R. Dilling award for outstanding contributions to the AIDC industry

  • Recipent of the IEC 1906 Award for contributions advancing the work of the Commission

  • Proposer of the need for an ISO home for AIDC standards and lead participant and developer of the final solution. (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC31)

  • Organizer of the US Secretariat for the TAG to SC31. Managed this function, 1996 – 2002

  • Chairman of the US TAG to SC31 (1996 – 2002)

  • Vice-Chairman of the US TAG to SC31 (2009 – present)

  • Member of the US Delegation to SC31 meetings (Plenary and Working Group)

  • Convener of SC31/WG4/SG3 (2000 – current) RFID Air Interfaces

  • Active member of SC31/WG4 and its various subgroups

  • Liaison to SC31 from SC17 (Identification Cards and Related devices) and ISO TC23/SC19/WG3 (Animal Identification)

  • Member of EPCglobal(TM)

  • Co-chair of the EPCglobal Hardware Action Group (HAG) 2004 - present

  • VP Technology, AIM, Inc. 1992 – 2002

  • Involvement in AIDC Technologies since 1980

  • Member of AIDC 100

  • Secretary for AIM Technical Symbology Committee

  • Secretary of various AIM Technical Committees

  • Chairman of AIM Magnetic Stripe Technical Committee (1986 – 1992)

  • Secretary of X3 (now INCITS) B10.6 committee on Physical Characteristics (including Magnetic Stripe (1992 - 1997)

  • Member of INCITS T6

  • Member of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ASC MH 10/SC 8 developing U.S. national standardization of machine-readable media on transport units. Project Editor of MH10.8.8 RFID for Parcels, packages and flat mail.

  • Creator/Editor/Publisher of RFID News

  • Editor/Publisher of HighTechAIDCourier

  • Editor of I3WorldExpress

  • Presenter at numerous conferences on AIDC topics. Conferences include:

    • Frontline Solutions USA (was Scan-Tech USA)

    • Frontline Solutions Europe (was Scan-Tech Europe)

    • Scan-Tech Japan

    • Scan-Tech Asia

    • ID Expo

    • Tag 1998 - 2000

    • CardTech/SecurTech 1993 – 1999

    • RFID Innovations 2001

    • Smart Label Conference 2001 - 2002

    • Barnett International Conference, 2004

  • Author of numerous papers on AIDC subjects, magazines published in include:

    • Frontline Solutions USA (was Automatic ID News)

    • Frontline Solutions Europe (was Automatic ID News)

    • ID Systems (now SCS-Magazine)

    • Modern Materials Handling

    • RF Innovations

    • Columnist for Scan, the Data Capture Report