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If you are looking for more info on AIDC technologies, you may want to try this site:

Understanding Data Capture


Several people have asked me about getting books on RFID.  The quantity of books is increasing every day but a couple that I have seen and can recommend are:

Both books are technical in nature but are highly instructive about RFID. I have a copy of the RFID Handbook on my shelf and it has helped me understand several issues about the technical aspects of RFID.  Colleagues have the "RF in RFID" book and have told me that they have found it to be very useful. The RF in RFID book is even available on the Kindle

If you are interested in looking for more books here are a few available from Amazon.com.

For all the books Amazon carries on RFID visit Amazon: RFID Books

Electronics - kits, keys and stuff

For other RFID stuff from Amazon: RFID Stuff

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