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The High Tech AIDCourier newsletter is free for now and will hopefully remain free always. 

High Tech Aid offers Expertise in AIDC technologies such as RFID and barcode as well as NFC and Internet of ThingsThe newsletter covers the months news on AIDC technologies like RFID, Barcode, Biometrics, and ID technologies. There are also sections on how these technologies are being used in various industries. there is also a section on RFID Standards. The goal of the newsletter is to provide a summary of the news on the technologies with particular focus on RFID. Suggestions for change are always accepted. There are many other newsletters that cover RFID and barcode news in particular, but we believe this newsletter gives the best summary of events that have happened in the past 30 days.

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For back issues and the current issue be sure to visit our AIDCourier Archive


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