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  WG2 Data Structure

Working Groups
WG1 - Data Carriers
WG2 - Data Structure
WG4 - RFID for Item Management
WG5 - Real Time Locating Systems
WG6 - Mobile Item Identification and Management (MIIM)
WG7 - Security for Item Management

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Current ISO Standards from ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31

Working Group 2 - Data Structure

This committee under ISO/IEC JTC1/SC31 is responsible for Data Structure of AIDC technologies. Mostly working with bar code symbologies some of this also applies to RFID. Other RFID Data work is done in WG4.

Project Number Title Most Recent Action
15418 EAN/UCC Application Identifiers and Fact Data Identifiers and Maintenance Published 1999
Confirmed 2009
15434 Syntax for High Capacity ADC Media Published 2006 (third edition)
Confirmed 2011
15459 Unique identifiers  
15459-1 Unique identifiers Part 1: Unique identifiers for transport units Published 2006
revision sent to FDIS
15459-2 Unique identifiers Part 2: Registration procedures Published 2006
revision sent to FDIS
15459-3 Unique identifiers Part 3: Common rules for unique identifiers Published 2006
revision sent to FDIS
15459-4 Unique identifiers Part 4: Individual items Published 2008
revision sent to FDIS
15459-5 Unique identifiers Part 5: Unique identifier for returnable transport items (RTIs) Published 2007
revision sent to FDIS
15459-6 Unique identifiers Part 6: Unique identifier for product groupings Published 2007
revision sent to FDIS
15459-7 Unique identifiers Part 7: Unique identification of product packaging NP ballot failed
15459-8 Unique identifiers Part 8: Grouping of transport units Published 2009
29161 Automatic identification and data capture techniques -- Unique identification WD
29162 ISO/IEC TR
Information technology -- Guidelines for using data structures in AIDC media
Published 2012

Information current as of:  September 3, 2013