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This page will provide a series of links to references about Biometrics. The viewer is left to their own devices as to the suitability of each link. As time goes on, this page will become more definitive and sorted.

 Documents available from NIST:

These include: 

  • Summary of the 1998 NIST Fingerprint Data Interchange Workshop http://www.itl.nist.gov/iad/894.03/fing/summary.html

  • Fight the Fingerprint Web Site - We Stand Firmly Opposed to All Government Sanctioned Biometrics and Social Security Number Identification Schemes! http://www.networkusa.org/fingerprint.shtml

  • The E-Commerce Learning Center at North Carolina State University - Thanks to BC list member Phil Griffin for pointing me to this site. It includes a series of full-length web casts relating to web commerce, privacy and related technological issues. http://ecommerce.ncsu.edu/seminar/

  • CIS 518 Team Website Biometrics - http://www-personal.umich.edu/~kwony/topic.html  - This is an interesting web site of three Korean graduate students at the University of Michigan Business School. It provides a concise introduction to biometrics with references for further inquiry.

  • The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) web site is at http://www.epic.org/ 
    It maintains an extensive list of resources concerning privacy issues, broken down into the following categories: 
    [1] Organizations 
    [2] Printed Publications 
    [3] US Privacy Sites 
    [4] International Privacy Sites 
    [5] Privacy Tools 
    [6] Mailing Lists and Electronic Newsgroups 
    [7] Upcoming Privacy Related Conferences and Event http://www.epic.org/privacy/privacy_resources_faq.html

  • The NCITS webpage for its M1 Biometrics Technical Committee is at http://www.ncits.org/tc_home/m1.htm

  • FindBiometrics - "Complete Identification Verification Resource" - http://www.findbiometrics.com/

  • BiometricTech web site http://www.biometritech.com/deploy.htm?gnro=gawb&src=gawb
    "BiometriTech™, launched in January 2002, strives to provide the latest news, along with original articles and columns from our knowledgeable staff and outside experts, covering technology issues, implementation obstacles and solutions, and successful installations of biometric components and the results they have yielded. We also feature product and technology reviews from our very own TMC Labs™ testing facility. Additionally, our in-house columnists focus on the very important balance of security and privacy, and the inherent impact biometrics will have on our personal freedoms."

  • International Biometrics Group - Biometrics Reports and Research Available On Line. http://www.biometricgroup.com/reports/public/reports_and_research.html

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